squinchgirl (frog4) wrote in apt_of_luuuv,

Hear ye, hear ye...

The Apartment of Luuuv is having its Second Annual Drunken New Year's Eve Soiree/New Year's Day LotR Marathon.

This year we are going with a Canadian Theme. Because frog said so. And because nobody else has complained.

The Menu
Canadian Bacon and Pineapple Pizza
(A no doubt bastardized American form of) Poutine
Nanaimo Bars

And: Shrimp, because we have shrimp
Bean Dip, because The Husband likes Bean Dip.

Cheap-ass red wine will be provided. If all attendees could bring some sort of alcohol and a mixer, that would be just dandy. Also, somebody remind frog to get some extra ice this year, okay?

Also, there will probably be dS Season 3. Or, at the very least, something involving Callum and/or Paul.

Then, at noon on New Year's Day (or, you know, whenever we're conscious) there will be Lord of the Rings. If anyone (Jilly?) has the Return of the King extended edition, we are still in need of that for the festivities.

Please RSVP here, so we will have some idea of the amount of supplies we need to lay in.

Thank you kindly.
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