Junction Tomfoolery! (rhythmsextion) wrote in apt_of_luuuv,
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tmi in the apartment of love

Izzy: Dude, you're picking your ass right in front of me!
Joy: I'm not! I'm scratching the small of my back.
Izzy: You're picking your ass!
Joy: Then my hole has severely migrated!
Froggie: [completely and totally dying]
Joy: I'll have to lie down to go to the bathroom!
Froggie: [nearly convulsing]

And we've now added 'migrating assholes' to the apt_of_luuuv interests. Heh.

Edit: Because I forgot it before:
Joy: Wait, that's not fair. Why does he come first?
Froggie: Because he's a man. They always come first.
Joy: [pause] Oh, that was good.
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