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Ja. Das Hokey-Cokey.

los libros negros

Apartment of Luuuuuv
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We are frog4, izzybeth and rhythmsextion. We are three twenty-something females sharing a living space in the middle of Denver, Colorado. We spend our evenings talking about gay sex quite often. (Especially in the form of four very famous Irish musicians.) We spend our mornings sleeping. We spend our weekends watching very bad British programs (or rather a very bad British program) with jillybinks while largely "enhanced". (Note the bunny rabbit ears.) We spend our weekdays and occasional weekends being office and retail monkeys. (But only until Adam Clayton volunteers to be our Sugar Daddy.)

These are our ramblings. Read at your own risk.

Update [December 7th, 2005]: Well, izzybeth has left us and in doing so, has forced us to seek someone to fill her spot. And we've gotten lucky somehow and nabbed that_one_chick, who seems to be just as mad as us, if not more. Fantastic!

Also! No more Sharpe! We are free!

And now we warn you all of the impending Due South and Callum Keith Rennie... ness. Yes.